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This book assists with understanding the ins and outs of Red Eared Slider Turtles. It helps to keep them healthy, happy, and living a long life.

Book arrived in described condition, and came to me within 15 days of ordering the book/5(14). This book covers all the relevant aspects of acquiring and caring for a pet Red-eared Slider Turtle, discussing such topics as: • Different varieties • Food • Basking • Housing • Healthcare • Seasonal care • Red Slider book for Red-eared Slider Turtle hatchlings • Breeding Red-eared Slider Turtles • Price and methods of acquiring Red /5(9).

The red-eared slider is named for the red-line running behind its eyes and the sliding motion it makes as it slips from a rock into the water. When cared for properly, the red-eared slider can live up to 30 years.

If you're interested in a lifelong friend, a red-eared slider turtle makes a wonderful pet%(). The Red-Eared Slider, also called the red-eared terrapin, is an American breed of turtles widely spread across the USA, and is quickly becoming an invasive species in many parts of the is also the most popular breed of pet turtle in the US and is widely kept as pet around the world.

Considering the total number of turtles and tortoises traded globally, this breed is the most Red Slider book. The book Slider by Pete Hautman is a very exciting and good book. But it has an even better theme, if you are good at something, continue, no matter what anyone else says.

The genre of the book Slider is realistic fiction. The setting starts out in an unknown town, but it seems like it could be in modern day.

The main character, David, is a 4/5. by J. Whitfield Gibbons. The rights to Life History and Ecology of the Slider Turtle are held by J. Whitfield Gibbons. Chapters may be downloaded here free of charge. Please ask permission to reprint or display any material in public.

Gibbons, J. Whitfield. Life History and Ecology of the Slider Turtle. Smithsonian Institution Press. Red Eared Slider Secrets Ebooks Donna Jean Believe it or not, almost all red-eared sliders can live between 45 and 60 years – but the overwhelming majority of them will not live any longer than two years for a handful of really simple, really straightforward, and really easy to avoid mistakes you don’t ever have to make again.

Red-eared sliders need an adequate amount of water to move about and swim a bit. You can judge if there is enough water by looking at the length of your turtle. The water should be at least to 2 times as deep as your turtle is long (so a 4 inch turtle should have a min imum depth of 6 inc hes).

The leng th of the wa ter area should be File Size: 75KB. "This Book Should BE Treasured By All Red-Eared Slider Owners!" This book is a Godsend for ANYONE who owns or breeds Red-Eared Sliders.

I was going nuts worrying about my Red-Eared Sliders, whether I was giving them enough to eat. I was constantly fretting over these little guys.

Reading Red Eared Slider Secrets calmed all of my fears. Red Slider book RedEarSlider. 4, likes 4 talking about this. The FB page of 's TurtleT+ member forum. Welcome TurtleTalk members and everyone else interested in Followers: K.

Red eared slider turtle is one of the most popular aquatic turtle pets. Learn about its care, tank setup, diet, food feeding, and how to buy a healthy turtle on sales here.

Finally red eared slider book you need to be added. Maintaining Your Red Eared Slider. The size of tank recommend it as food. When they finished the food I’d add more than a couple of hours. Getting the turtle from indoor to outdoor or vice versa.

Red eared slider’s diet tends to change as they can simultaneously. Below are a number of. Red Ear Slider Turtle. 26 likes 3 talking about this. BookFollowers: Get to Know Red Ear Slider Turtles.

Are very social and will often come up to greet you. Can live more than 20 years in captivity and grow to more than 10 inches. Omnivorous, consuming a mixture of meat and plant material.

Additional Resources. Red Ear Slider Turtle Care Sheet; What to Buy Your New Red Ear Slider Turtle. The red-eared slider really has become a double-edged sword for the pet industry.

Ideal Enclosures for the Red-Eared Slider. Despite the challenges surrounding keeping red-eared sliders, people will continue to do so in states where they legally are kept because they are such a wonderful turtle to keep.

Red eared sliders, also known as red-eared terrapins, are among the most popular pet turtles in the world. They belong to the pond turtle family, Emydidae, and species Trachemys scripta elegans. The red-eared slider is a medium-sized to large-sized freshwater turtle with origins in the southeastern United States.

With Proper Care These Can Live 20+ Years In Captivity. Wide Ranging Turtle Living In A Variety Of Climates But Sticking To Slow Moving Rivers, Humid Habitats, And Hot Temperatures. 9 reviews for Baby Red Ear Slider Turtle. deanspear17 (verified owner) – I just got my red ear slider and geographic map turtle they are in good.

The Guide to Owning a Red-eared Slider is exactly what it says it is. It's well-laid out, and provides simple, yet good, information. I feel that I can not only make an informed choice of turtle but that we'll be able to take care of it.

I would have liked a little less information on breeding and a little more information on tank set-up/5. The red-eared slider (T. scripta elegans) is one of three subspecies of the pond slider family in the United medium-size turtle gets its name from the broad reddish stripe behind its eyes.

The undersurface of its chin is rounded and there is a V-shaped notch at the front of its jaw that is not flanked by cusps. The red-eared slider, also known as the red-eared terrapin, is a semiaquatic turtle belonging to the family Emydidae. What others are saying Red-eared sliders are almost entirely aquatic, but as they are cold-blooded, they leave the water to sunbathe to regulate their temperature.

Red-eared slider turtle is the common name of the invasive species Trachemys scripta elegans of the order Testudine, family Emydidae. They are named for the characteristic red postorbital stripes on either side of their heads and innate ability to slide off rocks and logs and into the water.

The head, neck, legs, and tail of the slider are olive toFile Size: KB. The red-eared slider is a hardy freshwater turtle that is popular as an aquarium pet in the United States. It gets its name from the broad red stripes present behind each eye.

Its popularity in the pet trade has helped account for its numerous introductions worldwide; and it is now designated as one of the “ World’s Worst Invaders”.File Size: KB. Red Ears require a turtle dock area to bask out of the water, other turtles require dry land areas outside of the water; create slopes for easy lamp entry and exit to water.

A well-balanced Red-Eared Slider diet consists of: • Non-toxic aquatic plants (anachris, water lettuce), dark leafy veggies and sliced veggies such as squash and carrots.

Wayne Harada, columnist for Star*Advertiser, posted this review of my newest book, “Breaking the Silence: A Caregiver’s Voice. This is followed by reader Red Slider’s comment. Both men expressed my efforts beyond my own. Book review: Tips on surviving caregiving June 5th, By Wayne Harada Columnist: Star/Advertiser.

Identification: Trachemys s. elegans (Wied-Neuwied, ), the Red-eared Slider, has a unique, broad red or orange (rarely yellow) stripe behind each eye (Ernst et al, ; Conant and Collins, ). Younger individuals have numerous dark, eyelike spots on the yellow plastron (Conant and Collins, ).

Trachemys scripta, usually T. elegans. We strongly recommend those caring for turtles learn as much as possible about them.

Opinions, comments and suggestions will naturally vary but these different perspectives are important since they result from personal and professional experiences. An attractive turtle with yellow pinstripes and red ears, this species is commonly seen basking on logs or rocks—until you get too close, and they slide into the water.

Red-Eared Slider | MDC Discover Nature. The red-eared slider × yellow-bellied slider (Trachemys scripta elegans × Trachemys scripta scripta) is an intergradation of a red-eared slider and yellow-bellied slider subspecies. On the side of its head where a normal yellow-bellied slider would have solid yellow, there will be red interposed.

The bottom of the shell is a bright yellow with varying numbers of black : Reptilia. Red Ear Sliders are omnivores who can be fed a variety of foods. This variety is important as it enables you to provide a healthy diet. The range of food can include pellets, aquatic plants, vegetables, insects, fish and treats (shrimp, fruit, etc.) as well as the occasional supplement.

The red-eared slider is a semi-aquatic species of terrapin indigenous to North America, specifically the southern United States and northern Mexico. They are so-named because they have a small red stripe by their ears. The red-eared slider is the most popular species of pet turtle in the United States.

In the original Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic. Red Ear Slider Turtle - Information on The Facts, Habitat, Food and Lifespan of RES Turtles Scientifically termed, Trachemys scripta elegans, the RES or red ear slider turtle is one of the four subspecies of a single species called the Slider.

The other three are Big Bend Sliders, Yellow-bellied Sliders, and Cumberland Sliders. The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans), also known as the red-eared terrapin, is a semiaquatic turtle belonging to the family Emydidae. It is a subspecies of the pond slider.

It is the most popular pet turtle in the United States and is also popular as a pet in the rest of the world. It has, therefore, become the most commonly traded turtle in the world. It is native to the. Red-eared Sliders bask in groups on logs, fallen trees, and other objects near water (see photo).

The sun exposure helps rid them of parasites. The red-eared slider is known to quickly slide off rocks and logs when approached. Reptiles do not hibernate but actually brumate, becoming less active but occasionally rising for food or water.

Summary of Invasiveness Top of page. The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) has been the most popular turtle in the pet trade with more than 52 million individuals exported from the United States to foreign markets between and Despite the vast worldwide occurrence of T.

elegans, little is known of their impact on native ecosystems - clearly. Red-eared slider Author: Grether Rodriguez Illustrators: Grether Rodriguez; including Mrs.

Murray's Kindergarten Class A-Z Facts of the Red-Eared Slid. Red-eared sliders have been introduced to many areas of the United States outside of their native range, as well as to other countries and are listed as one of the world's worst invasive species. Habitat Preference. Red-eared sliders occupy a variety of natural freshwater habitats, including streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, swamps, and marshes.

The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) has been the most popular turtle in the pet trade with more than 52 million individuals exported from the United States to foreign markets between and Despite the vast worldwide occurrence of the sliders little is known of their impact on indigenous ecosystems, clearly research and education on the dangers of.

The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) is a semi-aquatic belongs to the family is the most popular pet turtle in the United lives in Southern United is also found in many other places as an invasive can be found in the US state of California where it was b leaves are poisonous for : Reptilia.

I am the proud owner of a happy, healthy Red-Eared Slider that is the greatest joy of my life. I thought I was taking proper care of him, but once I read Red Eared Slider Secrets, I realized that I was making a number of mistakes.

I plan to recommend this book to other Red-Eared Slider owners I know. ~ Jan, British Columbia, Canada. Red-eared sliders are native to the eastern and central United States river valleys.

Most pet sliders are captive bred and hatched. Red-eared sliders are hardy and outgoing. Although pretty and personable as pets, red-eared sliders occupy a niche of dark history in herpetoculture, first as transmitters of Salmonella bacteria to small children, second as an invasive species that have.

Red Ear Sliders as pets. Great book gives you a good insight into having Red Ear Sliders as pets. How you care for them. And what to feed them.

– Joe Sr. See More Reviews. Red Ear Slider Turtles Red Ear Slider Turtles. Red Ear Slider Turtle care, where to buy, types, behavior, cost, handling, husbandry, diet, and much more included!If you have a red-eared slider, or are looking into getting one, this book is a must-have.

(Good Luck!) Read more. One person found this helpful. Helpful. Comment Report abuse. Taylor. out of 5 stars Red Eared Sliders. Reviewed in Canada on Decem This was a very good book. It taught me a lot more than I used to know/5(14).

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